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Outdoor Garden Rope Hammocks

The picture of rest and relaxation is a hammock. Sway gently with the breeze while reading a book, soaking up some sun, or relaxing in the shade. From hanging to using a stand try out a hammock today.
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Outdoor Garden Rope Hammocks
Rope Hammocks:
Cotton, synthetics, or a combination of each is the material used for rope hammocks. For soft, flexible, body-hugging comfort, cotton is the best material. For more durability synthetics are better, but less comfortable. Nylon, polyester, and Duracord are the most common synthetics. The knotted ropes are spread with bars known as "staves". They are stretched flat so they don't conform as well to your body but are more breathable due to open weave.
Fabric Hammocks:
Come with or without spreader bars, the fabrics used are cotton, canvas, polyester, and quilted.
The weave is tighter than rope hammocks which eliminates the "waffle skin" but is less breathable. Best used on cool breezy days.
String Hammocks:
Also called Mayan Hammock, keeps the web-like weave but is completely staveless (no spreader bars) and portable. are more breathable than fabric, and more conforming than rope. Is resistant to rotting, and dries quickly after absorbing moisture.
Hammock Chair:
Confort and style with versatile hanging options. Can be hung from a tree branch or your porch and are perfect for a relaxing afternoon.
No matter which hammock you choose you will find you get the primary purpose of comfort out of your patio. You will finally have the option to enjoy a cocktail after a long day on your hammock.

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