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Bird Feeders

Bird Feeders give the birds a location where they can eat and give you hours of enjoyment. Place your feeder out of harm's way to protect the birds. Shop today!

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Bird Feeders

One of the most popular hobbies today is bird watching, from beginner to experienced birder, there are an overwhelming amount of bird feeder styles and types that are used the bring different types of birds. Some of the types of are; hopper, tube, and platform there are also more specialized feeders like nectar, fruit, and suet.
Hopper: Feeders that are enclosed and feed out the seed at a bottom tray, and can hold several pounds of seed. These feeders need to be cleaned out at least once a month.
Tube: Hanging-type feeder so birds can feed through a screen or ports. These feeders are more protected from the elements.
Platform: Holds seeds and provides a place for birds to stand while feeding. Are easy to clean and attracts a diversity of bird species.
Bird feeders are a means of attracting wild birds to your backyard and bring in your favorite birds. They are also a great decorative item that can enhance the beauty of your yard. The act of putting out a bird feeder and keeping it clean can improve the chances that the birds and their offspring will survive and return year after year.
Suet is a high fat and protein feed that generally contains peanut butter mixed with seeds and grains. The feeders are designed to hold the suet cake and allows the birds to feed through a wire mesh.
Nectar is a sugar mix for hummingbirds.

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